Yes for all you cynics out there these quotes are real :P ask the people who I harassed by text :)

"Truly a woven canvas, amazing use of colour! love it!"
Tsz Shan

"It's handy and unique, thoughtfully made and embedded with style"

"I asked for a large pencil case with my new marital status on it. I recieved a work of art which I would rather use as my statement clutch than a pencil case"
Miss Bi

"Love my bag, it's funky and practical as I can fit my bits and bobs in it. The cute flowers and the fact that it's personalized are a bonus, people always comment on it when they see it!"

"The first thing that stood out was the colour of the fabric the designer had used, it was exactly the shade I had asked for, which was very specific but she managed to get it perfect. It was apparent immediately the quality was also brilliant, it looked really luxurious! I get so many comments on it every time I pull it out! people love the way it looks and the way it's such a unique design. The personalisation is brilliant as well! the design is still intact even after so much use."

"I love how unique it is. I could personalize it to my taste and noone has one like it"

"I loved the bag design so much that I ordered four. I liked the idea that they were personalized with names embroidered on them. Each one was unique and beautiful"
Mrs Sardar

"I think this bag is cool because it has cool mirrors on it"