About the site

So about this site, I'm really not sure what to put, i kinda felt that i had to do an "about this site" post as pretty much most sites have one....i know I'll do a list ( cuz who doesn't love a list?)

•This site, buttons-and-ribbons.blogspot.com, is here to promote my homegrown business, that of making handbags, purses, and anything else that takes my fancy.

•Due to the nature of the site it will have ALOT of my work on it, so you will have to excuse the blatant, almost shameless, self promotion

•All the photos used have been taken by myself unless otherwise stated, you are more than welcome to use them provided you credit them to me and you ask nicely :) (email address to the left)

•The majority of bags/purses featured on the site will have been made for someone, unless otherwise stated, so if you would like to order a similar design then feel free to email me.

•As a general rule I will not make the same bag twice, each bag is an original one off piece, however if you want a certain colour combination that has already been used then that's fine, however different buttons, lining fabric etc will be used

•On the other hand if you want a design that i haven't made before email me and ask...i'll be more than happy to try out a new design.

•If you want to know the price of one of my bags email me, i will be getting an online shop...soon

•Last but not least be inspired by my designs but don't copy them outright, add your own style, make them your own...