Friday, July 1

New blog...

I have a new blog, won't be blogging here anymore but will be keeping it for nostalgias sake, however the craftiness continues on like never before at Anecdotes of the Atypical

Wednesday, June 16

39 squares late post....

So I realised I forgot to post my sisters finished 39 squares it is

She's become obsessed with embroidery, combined with her love and mourning for Lost she's working on a special Lost piece...I'll post it when she's finished...

Wednesday, June 2

New beginnings and fond farewells

So you may have noticed it's been extremely quite around here for the past few weeks. There have been two totally life changing reasons behind this...both of which occurred in the same week during May, in no particular order :)

1: I got engaged
2:I got a new job

I will be doing a seperate post on each of these individually in the form of Inspiration files, as soon as possible....

Wednesday, May 12

Some Bags...

So I know it's been absolutely forever since I've posted some bag pictures so here you go. These bags were Mishy's order, the pink one was a present for her sister and the purple one was a present from her sister to her friend...I love the colour combinations. Also I think I have made more purple bags than I can more purple please :)

P.S. Mishy you still owe me quotes :D

Thursday, May 6

40 squares :)

Ta da!! I love the way it's come out, it's quite small though ...not sure what to do with it though...was thinking I should turn it into a wall art kinda thing and put it up in my room somewhere...My sisters also finished so will post a picture of hers too

Monday, May 3

Final Two!!

Last time me and Mishy went to trafford centre we had a brief semi-discussion about yellow cars....I said I hated them, she said she loved them, I said I don't mind pastel shades...I suppose this car is a homage to that conversation...

Saturday, May 1

Some pink...

Squares thirty seven and thirty eight! I think I'm going to do forty squares as I've done 5 rows of would annoy me that there's an empty space at the end. Even though doing forty would negate the whole 39 squares thing. Anywho here's some ice cream, it's on me...I insist...and it's the perfect day for it :)
I tried to make the cone look like a hasn't come out how I intended...